Custom Industrial Air and Gas Moving Solutions For the Most Demanding Environments

IB International is home to the most experienced and respected engineers and welders in the industry, and they bring their impressive expertise to every project. That’s why we create custom air and gas moving solutions for some of the largest and most demanding companies in the world.

Meeting demanding conditions, and demanding the best—that’s been our goal since we were first founded in 1978. IB International was created because we recognized a need for custom air and gas moving solutions that would perform anywhere.

Our solutions are customized to stand up to intense heat or dust. They are designed to excel in both high pressure environments, and where manufacturers are under intense pressure to maximize efficiency and avoid downtime. In other words, they are designed for everyone, and everywhere. To ensure exceptional and long-lasting performance, each of our air and gas moving solutions also goes through rigorous testing, and are backed by exceptional support and customer service.

Our plant, located in Cary, Illinois, is equipped with people and machines focused on building excellence into everything we do. You demand nothing else; so do we.

Who We Work With

They Demand the Best. We Deliver It.

We don’t just meet the most demanding requirements and expectations for our air and gas moving solutions, we surpass them.

For Demanding OEM Applications

Whether you have an unusual space requirement, a demanding operational environment or any other challenge, we provide highly engineered, fully customized air and gas moving solutions. Backed by quality certifications and a track record of on-time delivery. Below are some of the OEM clients we’ve worked with.

For Demanding Engineering-Procurement-Construction Needs

You need optimized solutions, and we deliver. Our engineering and welding prowess is unmatched, and every solution undergoes thorough testing and quality checks. Below are some engineering, procurement and construction companies we work with.

For Demanding Process Technology Requirements

We are pioneers in the engineering, contracting and designing of air and gas moving solutions for chemical and process technology companies. We work with many such clients, including the ones below.

For Demanding Industrial End-User Requirements

Whether a product is already in the field and needs support, or you need to raise the performance for an existing system, IB International delivers. We meet the demands of many industrial clients including those below.

Koch Industries Inc
Indian Oil
Dow Du Pont
Meeting the Demands of our Partners and Suppliers

We rely on the expertise and experience of many partners and suppliers, relationships that have been forged by decades of mutual respect and proven reliability. We also work with sales reps as their sole supplier, or in conjunction with other suppliers when applications are too challenging for a standard fan.


Leadership that Rises to Meet Demand

We’re fortunate to be guided by experienced, knowing leadership, and an exceptional team of engineers and welders.

Join Our Team

Do you demand the best from yourself?

Are you driven to succeed? Do you embrace challenges and opportunities? We’re always looking for sales reps interested in bringing custom, high-quality solutions to their customers. Plus, experienced engineers, welders and others who are eager to embrace new challenges and opportunities.