Custom Industrial Fans and Blowers Supported by a History of Innovation and Progress

For more than 40 years, IB International has been a leader in developing and producing the finest air and gas moving solutions. What started in one man’s garage has blossomed into a manufacturing leader, which many of the world’s largest companies depend upon.

  • 1978

    William Howarth Sr. is fired from his job. He’s left a note at the desk of his hotel while vacationing in Jamaica.

    William starts his own company out of his home. He gets his first order the same year, calling a former client who manufactures large ovens.


    During the 1980s, the company sees impressive growth, becoming a premium provider for the power industry, among other industries, with an emphasis on custom fans and blowers.

  • 1989

    The company moves from its first location in North Barrington to a larger, 90,000 sq. ft. building in Cary, Illinois.

  • 1992

    Patents the IBI Uniblock® Bearing, designed to handle high speeds and relatively light loads.

  • 1993

    Tyler Barth, William Howarth’s stepson, joins the team after graduating from the Air Force Academy and earning his MBA at Boston College while serving in the Air Force.

  • 1994

    Jim Johnson joins Illinois Blower in the sales department.

  • 1999

    Tyler Barth buys the company from his stepfather.


    Always watching for new innovations and trends, Tyler Barth steadily grew the company over the next two decades, increasing staff, acquiring companies and adding new products to the company portfolio.

  • 2008

    Illinois Blower purchases a spare parts company to further expand its offerings.

  • 2015

    Tyler Barth’s wife, Carolena Barth, joins the company as HR Director and Tyler’s business partner.

  • 2022

    Illinois Damper, Inc. opens.

    Tyler Barth passes away. Carolena Barth takes over as CEO. Jim Johnson is named President.

  • 2024

    Illinois Blower merges its three subsidiary companies and rebrands into IB International, Inc.


    Together as CEO and President, Carolena and Jim—along with the IBI family—continue their commitment to exceptional customer service, product innovation and dedication to continued growth as the industry leader in custom air and gas moving solutions.

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