Custom Industrial Air and Gas Moving Solutions and the Leadership to Meet Demand

Meet the dynamic executive team at IB International.

We are proud to represent our culturally diverse Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Production, Quality, and Sales & Service Departments. We give full credit to every single IBI team member and their unwavering pledge of integrity, which together has allowed IB International to deliver skillfully engineered and powerfully built custom industrial blowers and centrifugal fans worldwide since 1978.

IB International, Inc. Code of Conduct

IB International, Inc. will only do business by lawful and ethical means, with an unwavering pledge of integrity. All IB International, Inc. (IBI) stakeholders and employees are committed to:

  • Obeying the applicable laws and regulations governing IBI global business conduct
  • Being fair, honest, transparent and trustworthy in all IBI activities, relationships and transactions
  • Avoiding all business and personal conflicts of interest
  • Fostering an atmosphere in which fair employment practices extend to every member of our diverse IBI family
  • Striving to create a healthy and safe workplace while protecting the environment
  • Sustaining a culture where ethical conduct is expected, recognized, valued and embodied by all through leadership committed to  integrity
Leadership Team photo