Custom Industrial Air and Gas Moving Solutions and a Wide Variety of Materials and Coatings

Unpredictable conditions, but predictably reliable results. Our air and gas moving solutions take advantage of a wide variety of exotic materials and advanced coatings to deliver long-lasting and problem-free use, even in the most demanding environments. Anti-corrosive, able to withstand extremely high or low temperatures, super-strong, wear-resistant and always dependable.

Materials & Coatings

Among a nearly endless list, our special coating materials include Carbozinc®, Teflon®, Bisonite®, Tufram®, Heresite® and Plastisol. The products below are among our most popular industrial blower fans standard and specialty materials.

  • Aluminum (Cast) Including: A206, A356, A357
  • Aluminum (Wrought) Including: 5000 Series, 6000 Series
  • Carbon Steel Including: A36, A242/588 (Corten), A516 Gr 70, Cold Weather Steels (to –100ºF), Grade 80 and 100 HSLA, PVQ Steels
  • Hastelloy® Including: C-22, C-263, C-276, C-2000
  • Incoloy® Including: 800, 825
  • Inconel® Including: 600, 617, 625, 690, 718, X-750
  • Monel® Including: 400
  • Stainless Steel Including: 17-4, 304, 316, 316h, 2205 Duplex, Al6xn
  • Ferralium® 255
  • Titanium Grade 7

Case Studies

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