photo: custom air and gas turbine

Custom Industrial Fans and Blowers for the Most Demanding Conditions

Designing and producing exceptional fans and blowers is our specialty—as is crafting them to best meet your specific individual needs.

Producing the finest fans and blowers combines science and skill, requiring a deep comprehension of multiple variables, options, materials and alternatives. We are adept at solving for size or space limitations while meeting the most challenging sound, energy, sealing and temperature requirements. Our engineers combine advanced science with creativity, experience and the application of specialized materials to deliver results that others can’t match.

The Benefits of Custom Fan Development

  • Meet challenging sound or space requirements
  • Handle high temperatures or extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Achieve gas-tight specifications
  • Perform under high pressure
  • Meet spark-resistance requirements
  • Ensure longevity in corrosive environments
  • Optimize energy efficiency
  • Reduce service needs
  • Lower costs without sacrificing performance

photo: welding sparks on a concrete floor

Engineering & Design

We don’t believe in canned solutions. All our air and gas moving solutions are custom-made on demand, built to meet your biggest challenges head-on.

Materials & Coatings

We utilize a wide assortment of exotic materials, special alloys and quality coatings and finishes to satisfy the requirements of any specialized application.


Precision and durability at its finest. From our unrivaled welding expertise to our relentless pursuit of optimal performance, our engineering skills are second to none.

Testing & Inspection

Our products stand the test of time, literally. We put them all through stringent precision testing to ensure they provide long-lasting, superior performance.

Advanced Fan Law Engineering

We design fan solutions that maximize reliability, provide superior performance and minimize maintenance and service requirements. Our know-how is profound, combining years of experience, specialized skills and advanced fan law engineering—including rotation speed, fan size and air density—to understand how even slight fluctuations can make significant differences.

Our engineering team is adept at meeting unique requirements, including selecting the right impeller design, identifying the most appropriate housings and specifying the best materials.