Illinois Blower, Inc. Announces Rebrand and Merger to IB International, Inc.

Cary, IL – February 19, 2024 Illinois Blower, Inc., a leading force in engineered fans and blowers, announces the merger of its three subsidiary companies into one comprehensive offering: IB International, Inc. This strategic move streamlines operations by bringing together their extensive expertise, providing clients with all-encompassing solutions for their air moving needs.

The move to IB International signifies the commitment to expanding beyond traditional fan offerings to a more comprehensive suite of air and gas moving solutions. These offerings include:

  • Custom Fans & Blowers
  • Pre-Engineered Products
  • Parts & Services
  • Dampers

The decision to bring together the three companies under one central name reflects a commitment to providing a more unified experience. The goal is to limit potential overlaps in product lines, eliminating the need for customers to navigate separate invoices or manufacturing software for each entity. The new name also reflects the company’s global reach. While IB International reflects the company’s ability to meet the worldwide needs of its clients, its manufacturing base remains in the U.S., giving its domestic clients several supply chain advantages such as faster shipping, lower costs and local support.

“While others in the industry may be nationally focused, IB International also embraces a more global perspective, providing a more centralized experience from engineering to shipping,” says Carolena Brawn, CEO of IB International. “While we haven’t lost sight of our U.S. roots, we’ve grown and evolved, and this new name honors where we’ve been, what we’ve become, and what we want to be.”

“We believe that this rebrand is a significant step toward a more efficient and customer-centric approach,” adds Jim Johnson, President of IB International. “By consolidating our operations, we aim to simplify processes for everyone and offer a more seamless experience for our valued customers.”

While Illinois Blower has historically excelled in the production of engineered products, the new company will not only continue to uphold its commitment to these specialized services but also expand to include pre-engineered products and high-pressure and vapor compression product offerings.

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