Cutting-Edge Precision: IB International’s 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine

IB International is excited to introduce the newest addition to our manufacturing floor: the MAXIEM 5-axis waterjet cutting machine. This advanced machinery improves our ability to produce complex parts.

The key feature of our new waterjet system upgrade is its 5-axis cutting head, which can operate from vertical to 60 degrees, allowing for 3D cuts with even greater precision. This expands our capabilities beyond traditional 3-axis waterjets, enabling the creation of complex geometries in a single process. For a visual representation of similar technology in action, this video offers a glimpse into what greater axis cutting entails.

Improving Operations with Smart Add-Ons

The MAXIEM waterjet cutting system is enhanced with several technological add-ons designed to streamline production:

  • Terrain Following: The system automatically adjusts the cutting head for material irregularities to create a uniform surface.
  • Variable Speed Solid Removal System: This automated process keeps the water clean by efficiently removing solids, reducing the frequency and downtime of maintenance cycles.
  • Bladder System: This new technology makes rapid adjustments to the water level in the cutting bed, allowing for easier handling of large or varied materials without time-consuming manual adjustments.

Operational Advantages

The upgrade to a 5-axis system means the waterjet’s operations are now significantly faster—four times faster than with the previous model. This increase in speed, coupled with more precise cutting measures, allows for a more efficient production cycle. Additionally, the MAXIEM model is environmentally friendly by using significantly less cooling water and the lowest electrical consumption compared to other pump technologies.

Direct Benefits

The new waterjet has several direct benefits for our manufacturing process:

  • Extended Capabilities: This waterjet system efficiently cuts through various materials, including metals, plastics, insulation and gaskets. Its capacity to precisely cut metals and most other materials up to 11 inches thick allows us to perform more specialized production work in-house. As a result, the Maxiem reduces our reliance on external suppliers and shortens lead times, boosting our operational flexibility and efficiency.
  • Expanded Material Handling: Certain accessories, like the Waterjet Brick accessory, enable us to precisely cut soft, pliable materials like rubber, which were challenging to handle with previous systems.
  • More Precise Cuts, Better Quality Products: High-precision cuts guarantee that there are no heat-affected zones (HAZ), which is essential in fan production. Since waterjet-cut parts require no treatment of the cut edge, this also improves overall processing speed.
  • Reduced Setup Time: The system has minimal fixturing requirements and eliminates the need for frequent tool changes.
  • Improved Materials Usage: The precise incision of the smaller kerf reduces material waste.

Customer Benefits

Our customers can benefit directly from the capabilities of our MAXIEM waterjet system. The additional features and increased speed translate into lower production costs due to reduced labor and shorter production times. The waterjet also creates higher quality products. Advanced cutting technology allows for more complex geometries and precise finishes, increasing part production and improving the quality of the manufactured items.

Get in Touch

Our new cutting system at IB International represents a significant advancement in our manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to achieve more precise and flexible production processes. With this state-of-the-art technology, we are better equipped to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

If you are interested in learning more about our capabilities or discussing how we can assist with your manufacturing needs, work with us and see what we can do for you.