Introducing Industrial Dampers and Accessories from Illinois Damper

Because you demand the best, and so do we.

Illinois Blower has been delivering the best air movement solutions for OEMs, engineering firms and industrial process companies since 1978.

Our customers often need heavy duty dampers and accessories to supplement their custom-designed industrial fans and blowers. To meet this need, we launched Illinois Damper, leveraging our exceptional engineering and welding experience to deliver the best, custom-engineered industrial dampers and accessories available.

As part of our commitment to ensuring exceptional performance, Illinois Damper products are built to last. Our dampers are custom engineered to meet the most demanding applications, and of course, they’re backed by our exceptional support and customer service.

Illinois Damper products are built for a wide variety of industries. Our dampers are custom designed for your specific application, up to 120” in square, with stainless or carbon steel construction. Plus, we offer multiple accessories including pneumatic, electrical or manual actuators, positioners, gears, and instruments.

Damper categories include:

  • Butterfly Dampers
    With sizes from 6″ to 120″, Butterfly Dampers provide both isolation and control. Offered with manual operation, pneumatic or electric actuators. Temperature ranges from ambient to 1500°F standard or options for up to 2200°F.
  • Louver Dampers
    From 14″ to 120″ in square, rectangular or round configurations, Louver Dampers are commonly used for modulation or isolation of flow. Our Louver Dampers are available in parallel or opposed blade configurations with process temperatures up to 1500°F.
  • Tee Dampers
    Tee Dampers range in size from 10″ to 52″ pipes and are suitable for modulation, diversion, and isolation. Temperature ranges from ambient to 1500°F standard or options for up to 2200°F.
  • Slide Gate Dampers
    Slide Gate Dampers are meant to be used for diversion or isolation. Our dampers are available in sizes ranging from 10″ to 72″ and process temperatures up to 1000°F. They are available in round, square or rectangular configurations.
  • Specialty Dampers
    Illinois Damper offers a number of other specialty dampers on a custom basis, including CO2 dampers, backdraft dampers, custom configurations, stack cap dampers, refractory lined dampers and more.

We meet our clients’ needs with a tremendous range of products that enhance performance—all proudly made in the USA. Our manufacturing facility in Cary, Illinois is equipped with people and machines focused on building excellence into everything we do. Because you demand the best from us, and we demand the best from ourselves.

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