Ensuring You Meet the Most Demanding Challenges: An Overview of IB International Testing & Inspections

You expect the best fans and blowers—products that will meet your toughest challenges and your highest performance requirements. To ensure we satisfy the most exacting standards, each of our products undergoes stringent precision testing and inspections. Here are the most common tests Illinois Blower runs.

Accelerated Fatigue Testing
Our internally designed and manufactured fatigue test chamber is capable of high speeds and fast cycle times, as low as 15 seconds from zero RPM to maximum RPM to zero. The test chamber can be evacuated to 27 inHg vacuum and has dual redundant pumps to ensure testing reliability. Our accelerated fatigue stand is PLC controlled, runs automatically 24/7 with remote monitoring of dozens of parameters, and automatically counts the number of cycles completed.

Air Performance Measurement (Flow, Pressure, Power)
Illinois Blower can perform air performance testing with our own test chamber, designed and built per AMCA specifications (AMCA 210 figure 12 or 15). We can also conduct orifice testing or Pitot traverse testing (AMCA 210 figures 7A or 16). All our test instruments are on a strict third-party calibration schedule to ensure the highest accuracy during testing.

Critical Speed Analysis
Illinois Blower performs lateral critical speed analysis on all overhung or center-hung blower designs prior to manufacturing. We use top commercial rotordynamics programs to calculate critical speeds for many types of rotor designs and many different bearing types, including fluid film bearings.

Dye Penetrant Testing
Illinois Blower has many in-house qualified weld inspectors for both visual and dye penetrant (LP) testing. Several of our inspectors are ASNT Level II qualified.

Dynamic Impeller Balancing
At Illinois Blower, we have four in-house balance machines with capacities of up to 1,300 lbs. Our balance machines are computer-controlled and calibrated yearly. We can balance wheels alone or rotor assemblies (wheel and shaft) as required and can balance to ISO 21940 G1.0.

Fan Housing Pressure Testing
Illinois Blower routinely designs blowers up to 150 psi or more (system pressure) which require pressure testing. We can pressure test housing from 2 psi to 150+ and perform air pressure tests up to 5 psi and hydrostatic pressure testing above 5 psi. We also have a deionized water system (DI water) for hydrostatic pressure testing so as not to contaminate alloys used in special processes or as required by customer specifications.

Hot Gas Test
Illinois Blower’s proprietary hot gas test loop is designed to test high-temperature process blowers up to 1200F (649C). We are one of the few companies in the world with the capability to test large blowers at high temperatures. Our loop can introduce up to 120 kW of heat into the system, not only to achieve high temperatures but also to test the rapid heating and cooling of blowers as required.

Magnetic Particle Inspection
Illinois Blower performs magnetic particle inspection (MPI) on lifting lugs and other welds as required per customer specifications.

Material Certification and Positive Material Identification (PMI)
Illinois Blower documents all raw materials with CMTRs (Certified Material Test Records), and we have the ability to perform PMI on a wide range of alloys via XRF (X-ray fluorescence) and OES (optical emissions spectroscopy) for determining the carbon content of steels and stainless steels.

Material Hardness (Charpy Impact Testing)
In addition to cold weather impact testing on materials and welds, we also perform Charpy impact testing on certain materials prior to or after heat treatment to ensure the process was successful or to ensure a hardened material is still suitable for post-weld machining.

Mechanical Run Testing Station
50′ L x 32′ W area with steel reinforced T-Slot floor measuring 25′ L x 16′ W with an allowable load of up to 40,000 lbs. (20 tons). Installed in 2019, this test bed has over 6 feet of concrete with 5 tons of rebar and is adjacent to our hot gas test loop, allowing for mechanical run testing and hot gas testing of fans in excess of 22 feet long and 18 feet wide.

Nondestructive Examination Tests
Illinois Blower has the capability of performing many different types of NDE. We can perform liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasound and radiographic (X-ray) examinations of welds.

Overspeed Testing
Illinois Blower can perform overspeed testing on wheels up to 30″ in diameter, up to 4500 RPM.

Performance Testing
We perform performance testing up to 750 hp and speeds in excess of 5,000 RPM using four in-house variable frequency drive units (VFDs).

Sound Performance
Illinois Blower has the equipment to perform sound testing per AMCA 300.

Startup Services
We offer on-site startup services worldwide with our in-house staff or with local/regional technicians.

Vibration Analysis
Illinois Blower performs mechanical run testing on all blowers prior to shipment. We also offer extended mechanical run testing as required per customer specifications. We provide complete mechanical test reports and can monitor vibration and temperature on both motors and bearings.

Weld Inspection (ASME Nondestructive, NDE Weld Analysis, X-ray, Ultrasound)
Illinois Blower has extensive experience in welding both per AWS (D1.1, 14.16) and per ASME specifications. We have fully documented WPS and PQRs for a wide variety of materials and multiple weld processes per AWS and ASME and a team of fully qualified welders. We often supply weld procedures and welder qualifications to customers as required.

At Illinois Blower, we leave nothing to chance. When you need equipment that’s been tested to withstand the harshest environments and most complex challenges, you can rest assured with Illinois Blower.