Our Engineering Solution Rescues a Customer’s Business




Industrial cooling and ventilation for a major power generation OEM.


The original fan design was large and costly, impacting the customer’s ability to remain commercially competitive. Customer initiatives required a refinement that would minimize the total cost while maintaining the high level of reliability that made them a leader in their industry.


Illinois Blower, drawing upon our wealth of practical experience to solve difficult problems, worked concurrently with the customer to design a modular turnkey cooling package for its gas turbine installations.


The final design reduced the overall package envelope by 70%, allowing the customer to relocate the module to the turbine roof and freeing up valuable perimeter space. In addition, the dramatically reduced dimensions delivered comparable reductions in system costs, including unit price and transportation expense. Not only did these savings far exceed the original target, but the final design met the tightest sound specifications in the industry while also delivering outstanding weather resistance, improved reliability, and greatly reduced production cycle time.